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Management and Conservation of RPPN Fazenda Almas



The Fazenda Almas nature reserve straddles the boundary between two  municipalities – São José dos Cordeiros and Sumé – within the region known as “Cariri Paraibano”, in the State of Paraíba.  The reserve is situated about 250km west of the State capital, João Pessoa, and journey time is about three and a half hours using the excellent BR-230 federal highway which passes through the city of  Campina Grande. 


At km165 the driver should turn left at the roundabout known as the “Square of the Middle of the World” and follow the federal highway BR-412 in the direction of the town of Boa Vista.  At km 54.8 he should turn right to enter the township of São João do Cariri.  From there, the State highway PB-210 should be followed to São José dos Cordeiros (30km) and then State highway  PB-238 in the direction of  Sumé.  After 3.8 km, turn left and carry on for about 12km to the headquarters of the RPPN Fazenda Almas.    



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