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Management and Conservation of RPPN Fazenda Almas

RPPN Fazenda Almas is the fourth largest private nature reserve in the Caatinga biome and the biggest reserve in Paraíba. Located in the municipality of São José dos Cordeiros, Cariri of Paraiba, it covers a total area of 3.505 hectares of a total of 5.247 hectares of the entire farm.


The reserve was established in 1990 and since 2006, APNE in cooperation with UFPB-DSE, has been working to guarantee the reserve´s management and conservation. Activities regarding protection, demarcation, infrastructure and control as well as research and biodiversity studies have been carried out.


Since 2012, both organizations are trying to strengthen the reserve in its socioenvironmental context through strong management and conservation in order to allow sustainability and adequate protection against the main external threats: illegal hunting and invasion by livestock.


The reserve has already its management plan, aiming at promoting biological research, engagement and participation of local and regional stakeholders and environmental adjustment of neighboring farms. It also includes environmental education in schools and local communities and guided tours in the reserve. The management plan also provides the main guidelines to disseminate good conservation practices and reserve protection by means of permanent control.


At present, the reserve is supported financially by the Fundação Grupo Boticário in order to guarantee management and conservation activities, environmental education, control and research on endangered species.


Up to 2014, reserve management was supported by the Tropical Forest Conservation Act through partnership with Funbio (Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade), enabling the preparation of the Management Plan and the structuring of the reserve.


The Braz´ family (Almas estate owner) is an active and permanent partner as well as Prof. Maria Regina de V. Barbosa (UFPB), Dr. William Wayt Thomas (New York Botanical Garden) and Prof. Alecksandra Vieira (UFCG).


IV  Cultural and Scientific Event at Escola Bartolomeu Maracajá


Paródia – Pé de Serra (Luiz Gonzaga)

Adapted by Givaldo de Assis Leite

Song Priscila Custódio

Direction: Profs.: Maria Itamar, Ana Rosa, Vanuza Holanda and Maria da Guia (Primeiros Saberes da Infância) São José dos Cordeiros-PB.


Support / Current Project:

Project Consolidation and conservation of RPPN Fazenda Almas/PB, by means of the implementation of its Management Plan.


Partners: UFPB, NYGB, UFCG, Braz Family


Support/financing: Fundação Grupo Boticário de Proteção à Natureza



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