Our plan is to establish at least 30 hectares of Pernambuco wood plantations by 2016 (10 hectares in each of the three States).  These plantations are directed towards the commercial market. 

Apart from these, there are the three pilot plantations implemented in the first phase of the project:



Location: experimental station of the Pernambucan state agricultural institute (IPA) in Itapirema

Date of planting: 20/06/2012

Area planted: 0.7 hectare

Number of seedlings planted: 325

Spacing: 4 m x 4 m



Location: Miriri sugar refinery/ethanol distillery

Date of planting: 13/05/2013

Area planted: 1 hectare

Number of seedlings planted: 673

Spacing: 4 m x 4 m


Rio Grande do Norte

Location: Escola Agrícola de Jundiaí - UFRN

Date of planting: 30/05/2013

Area planted: 1 ha

Number of seedlings planted: 625

Spacing: 4m x 4m



Organisations involved in

the experiment


  • Tapacurá Ecological Station, Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE)

  • Agricultural Research Institute of the State of Pernambuco (IPA)

  • Miriri sugar refinery/ethanol distillery – Miriri Alimentos e Bioenergia S.A.

  • Estivas sugar refinery/ethanol distillery – (BIOSEV S.A.) (under negotiation)

  • Santa Tereza sugar refinery – Companhia Agro-Industrial de Goiana (CAIG) (under negotiation)

  • Guaribas Biological Reserve (REBIO Guaribas) – ICMBio (federal government nature reserves authority)

  • Centro Sabiá

  • Landless Workers' Movement (MST)

  • Mata Pau-brasil

APNE - Associação Plantas do Nordeste 

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