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APNE has as its most significant line of activity the coordination of multidisciplinary research programmes focussed on the biodiversity and sustainable use of the native plant resources of northeastern Brazil, conciliating the need to safeguard a reasonable proportion of true wilderness areas whilst adapting other areas for sustainable farming and forestry in pursuit of regional socio-economic benefits.

Conservation Programme

Conservation Programme

Conservation Programme

Within each programme there are one or more projects that comprise our institutional portfolio.

Over the course of the years, many eminent botanists, foresters, agronomists, geographers, chemists, specialists in bioinformatics, environmental educationalists, rural extension workers and others have participated in APNE’s work, as can be seen from the list of publications.  Numerous university staff members and students have carried out postgraduate studies under the APNE umbrella. 

As part of the informational component, a large number of historical plant records have been digitalised and shared by the Royal Botanic Gardens in London with Brazilian institutions and most of the Northeast Region’s herbariums have been checked by international specialists.  

APNE - Associação Plantas do Nordeste 

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